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Works With Geographic Information Systems, GIS (Collection, Storage, Retrieval, Analysis and Display Spatial Data)

Geographical Information System (GIS) applications

  • Collection, storing, retrieval, analysis and presentation of spatial data
  • Digital mapping and classification of point, line and polygon data
  • Digitizing of analog maps and graphs
  • Geocoding of geographical data
  • Digital printing
  • GIS applications on Soil and Environmental studies
  • Creation of Thematic maps
  • Applications using the Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • In situ point, line and polygon accurate and precision sampling

Satellite image processing and applications

  • Satellite image geometric restoration and correction
  • Land use/cover mapping and classification
  • Thematic maps creation using high and medium spatial and temporal resolution data
  • Farm land acreage and crop production estimation
  • Combined spatial searching and inventorying using remote sensing and GIS techniques


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